Safety of any drug depends upon extraneous factors

A human body has the ability to experience multiple health problems at a same time. During such times, one has to be extra careful in choosing the correct medication. This is because the medicines have a funny habit of reacting with each other instead of doing the job which they are supposed to do. The principle of “United We stand and divided we fall” is applicable to man-made medicines too. Instead of fighting the cause of the disease together, if the medicines start reacting with each other, consider the effect it would have on the patient. Who is responsible for this mess? Naturally it is the patient, for he is the one who might have concealed vital information from his physician.

One can experience hair loss as well expect a baby at the same time. These two events are absolutely unrelated to each other, isn’t it? This fact of pregnancy, if not disclosed to the doctor, can cause problems. Doctors might prescribe a dosage of Biotin for hair growth. This can have an adverse effect on the expectant mother as well as the unborn baby. This is because she might be under the influence of other pregnancy related drugs and the addition of Biotin to her body could end up in interactions between the drugs at the cost of affecting her health. Now the question to be asked is, is biotin safe? Yes, it is but one should see it in the light of other mitigating circumstances. In isolation, biotin is very safe. But in combination with certain specific drugs, biotin can cause problems. There is no such thing as a universal cure. Every medicine depends upon various extraneous factors to succeed. These factors are sometimes in our control and sometimes beyond our control. So, we should worry only about those things which are under our control and leave the rest to GOD.