Talk about Anything

Omegle talk to strangers is a form of adventure – you are simply thrown into a huge base of users and randomly paired with someone who shares your interests (or pretends to share them) or even completely incidentally chosen. The inventor says he does not want to only connect people based on interests as it is hard to learn from someone too similar. Some people say a part of thril comes from breaking the rule »Do not talk to strangers.«

Everything from serious harassment to interesting talks and researches happens there, even romantic connections. An algorithm searches for signs of harassment and other prohibited content but you cannot report it yourself.

You can choose between text chats and video chats. The latter can include typing, too, or you speak into a microphone.

Talks are usually between two persons but lately, a new feature called spy or question mode has been added. »Spy« asks a question and reads a discussion between two other users on this topic but cannot take part in it. They can continue it even after the person who asked it disconnects (leaves the field).

Omegle is the most popular in USA, Germany, Turkey, India and Indonesia. Much more men than women use it. At the beginnig, people spread the word by mouth or posted links in social media, then newspapers and serious websites started writing about it. One would expect it to make more money with advertising thanks to huge numbers of visits it receives; nonetheless, profits are small and the inventor does not expect them to grow nor does he plan to upgrade the site very much. Maybe he could change some things anyway: users complain they sometimes end a conversation by mistake and they cannot find the same person again as there are no usernames or anything like that.