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Simplest Way to Defrost the Chicken

Defrosting the chicken is the process which is usually done just before the time of consumption. A well defrosted chicken taste just better as the fresh one. Understanding the whole process of freezing and defrosting is important if you are planning to freeze the chicken. One question does comes to mind that how to defrost chicken?

The answer to that is pretty simple but very important as well. Defrosting process is carefully and properly done to ensure better taste of the chicken.

Thawing in Sink

Possibly one of the most common techniques of defrosting the chicken is to thaw it at the room temperature. Follow the procedure to defrost the chicken in the sink.

  • Take out the frozen chicken and wrap it in the plastic bag. The more preferable is the Ziploc bag. This will ensure that the chicken doesn’t get contaminated with bacteria in the thawing. This will also prevent from affecting the sink with bacteria.
  • Pick up a bowl that is large enough to hold a chicken. This will usually accommodate with the size of the chicken. Make sure that the bowl is large enough to properly submerge the chicken.
  • Once you place the chicken, pour cold water in the bowl. Remember, cold water is very important to use since hot water will assist in bacterial growth and contaminate the chicken.
  • Always change the water after 25-30 minutes. Changing the water ensures that chicken is properly thawed and further assist in distribution of the heat. Always check the water temperature. If the water gets cold enough then change immediately since the heat distribution will turn the water colder.
  • One more important thing to keep in mind is that once you have thawed back the frozen chicken, you cannot freeze it back in the raw state. Freezing it again is of no use since it will be a breeding place for whole lot of bacteria.

Haptic Technology


Haptic is the science of touch. To explain it in plain language it is the science that enables us to touch a screen and do some operation with the help of vibrations made by our finger. The best example of application of haptic technology is your own smart phone. The kind of response your smart phone gives to your touch is known as the haptic feedback. Tactile sensors are installed in different devices to record the haptic stimulation and the response given to it. There are a wide range of gadgets and electronic appliances that use haptic technology to function. Our smart phone is totally haptic powered. Also tabs and I- pads which are totally operational with the help of touch only are also practical examples of applications of haptic technology. The video games that are enables with sensors let the users’ experience the haptic feedback let the user literally experience the things that are happening on the screen.

Like while playing a war game, the user can feels the gun recoil and many other such things. Haptic is the whole wide world of technology that is created by the power of touch. Earlier when first the technology of haptic was discovered it was used for very specific devices. Some very high tech and specific utility deices were incorporated with haptic technology. Nowadays a very wide range of gadgets are incorporated with haptic technology. Almost all devices can be used by using the power of touch. Many devices in the field of medical science also use the power of haptic technology to operate. Virtual reality is another concept which is associated with the power of haptics. Video games and persona; computers are also some other devices that largely use the power of haptics. New and improved software have been designed to improve the use of this technology.